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Introduction 1

Introduction 1

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Field as shown broken into 2 zones – 2v2 with mannequins in attacking zone, 4v2 in defending zone – rotate players – 7/11 2-touch
Players must stay in their assigned zones, 6 stays in central box


#1 – add additional defender
#2 – add another defender, allow midfielder to join strikers, opponent 6 joins when ball is played forward


Strikers to read off each other, look for moments to show in gaps between mannequins, check away then back into spaces – 2nd striker, try to find combinations, either at a negative angle or by moving into space vacated by teammate
Anticipate balls played in from midfield, esp in half-spaces, try to isolate one of the center backs
Open body shapes, short-and-sharp passes and movements, check shoulder use arms etc to hold off opponent