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6v4+1 hex 3 zone

6v4+1 hex 3 zone

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Hex field divided into 3 zones – defenders must stay in their zone
Attackers (Red) – 1 pt for 10 consecutive passes – if defenders gain possession, attacker that lost ball joins – after 5 consecutive passes, 2nd attacker joins – after regaining possession, go back to hex shape with center mid and restart
Defenders (White) – 1 pt for each 5 passes


Attackers (Red) – 2 touch outside, 1 touch for central midfielder


Attackers – look for angles of support, recognize pressure, quick switch of play across field when possible, be willing to draw pressure rather than force ball
Defenders – try to simplify play, isolate ball, take away long switches – in possession, utilize triangle shape (to form rondo), move in support of ball