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Practice activities

We publish animated practice activities that can be used with different age groups. The entire library is available under Library > 205 activities.
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Twitter account

Our Twitter account contains links to articles, video, and other content in addition to coaching education and player development topics.
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Coaching articles

Our site is regularly updated with original articles on topics in player development, coaching education, and athletic development.
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Session plans

We regularly develop and publish training session plans suitable for ages 9-19. Each session includes technical, tactical, physical, and psychosocial elements. Recent plans are available at Topics > Session Plans.
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Technical development

A foundation of technical skills is necessary to advance in the game. Our library includes videos demonstrating introductory and advanced soccer skills.
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Physical development

We subscribe to a model of long-term athletic development for youth soccer players. Our library includes a wide range of physical activities.
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Available courses

205 Sports develops online courses for coach education and player development. Our current course list is available without an account.
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