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Activity design series


Training activity design

The typical session plan involves a series of activities, typically with the intent of developing a theme (or themes) with the players. There are four


Session activity variables

A team (program) calendar is typically broken into blocks (“cycles”) – yearly, monthly, weekly – to organize objectives and develop themes. At the professional, college,


Activity variables – scoring and goals

With the exception of pre-determined pattern activities (“drills”, common during a warm-up phase) and general possession-type activities (rondos), the use of scoring methods and goals


Activity variables – players

In designing an activity, the coach should know who the key players are and the learning opportunities that the activity should provide. Typically, the group


Actvitity variables – scenario

In many coached activities – in particular, game-like activities – the scenario can be described as follows: Both teams start with zero goals (points) A