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Mission and purpose


Why another youth sports organization?

The idea for 205 Sports began in early 2018 during my coursework for the Ohio University online coaching education program. After retiring from Silicon Valley in 2014, I’ve worked for local soccer clubs in recreational and younger-age programs as a method of influencing player development at formative stages. Concurrently, I’ve been a varsity girls coach for a local high school after a succession of positions on both the boys and girls side. The OU program started a process of self-inventory and evaluation – what do I like (and dislike) doing, what impacts do I want to make, and what are my competencies and passions. I also began to consider the kind of life that I want outside of soccer – how and when I spend time with my wife and family.

In late 2018, it became clear that there were disconnects between my values and objectives and the roles that I was taking on. 205 Sports was an outcome of that thought process. Disconnecting myself from the agendas (financial, organizational, scheduling, etc) of others in order to provide programming required some formalization of a corporate structure. I was able to find individuals within my circle who shared my passion and who agreed to be part of the 205 Sports Board of Directors. Armed with Bickford (2018), we were able to put together the appropriate paperwork to get IRS 501(c)(3) approval.

Formally, the purpose of 205 Sports is the following (from the corporate Bylaws):

[A]ddress, educate, coordinate, and provide support for the athletic development of youth athletes related to soccer and soccer-related activities. We look to improve the physical efficacy of athletes in our programs through evidence-based best practices as part of our training methodologies. We provide educational materials that foster the growth of athletes in sports-specific and non-sports specific activities.

The idea of having an organization that is not intended as a financial revenue stream for its founders and coaches but is instead meant as a driver for change in the community separates 205 Sports from the traditional sports/soccer club. A focus on athletic development and positive outcomes along the standard dimensions – physical, psychosocial, technical (skills), tactical (game understanding) – is at the heart of 205’s mission. A concurrent focus on coach and parent education and coaching development serves as a means to positively influence youth athletes both on and off the field.

The application of evidence-based best practices delivers empirically sound methods to 205’s programs.

Why the name “205 Sports”?

The name “205 Sports” derives from a geographic reference.

“205” comes from Interstate-205 which connects the Mountain House and Tracy communities of California to the Central Valley. Our intention is to positively influence athletes throughout Northern California.

The use of “Sports” rather than a soccer-specific acronym (for example, “Soccer Club”) serves as a statement that our purpose is to develop athletic abilities in youth rather than limiting the influence to one sport. Many players in the Zone 1 age groups (Under-6 to Under-12) are in the process of learning the basic motor skills that will allow them to be lifelong athletes. We encourage “late specialization” – the model in which children are exposed to a variety of sporting activities – to develop the physical and mental tools to be successful in lifelong sports.

What sorts of activities and programs does 205 Sports provide?

Since its founding in 2019, 205 Sports has focused on activities that align to its core values:

  • We have worked with local soccer clubs (UC Premier, Monterey Condors) on coaching and player development programs with a focus on long-term athletic development (LTAD).
  • We are active on social media, publishing session plans, activities, and other coaching and player development content to support the global coaching community.
  • We have provided COVID-restricted session plans through our social media and as contributed content to NorCal Premier Soccer.

In addition to our on-field focused work, 205 Sports has delivered financial support through scholarship programs to players in Union City and Mountain House.

What is AF Monterey?

In the spring of 2023, 205 Sports launched La Academia de Fútbol (AF) Monterey – an on-field youth soccer academy with the express purpose of delivering quality educational programming in the Monterey Bay Area. AF Monterey is aligned to the philosophy and ideals of 205 Sports.

For more information on AF Monterey, click here.

How can I find out more about 205 Sports?

Email us at for more details on our mission, plans, and programs.


Bickford, K. (2018). California Do Your Own Nonprofit: The ONLY GPS You Need for 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Approval (Volume 5) Do Your Own Nonprofit. Chalfant Eckert Publishing.