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3v3 with offside line

This is a nice activity for developing the timing of runs for entering the space behind a back line. The line of cones represents an offside line. When performing this activity, encourage the use of diagonal passes from players in the middle third and runs off the wings to receive. Depending on the size of the spaces, flighted balls over the back line can be an option – many players struggle with this technique under pressure in game situations.


Small-sided game with cone lines as “offside”. Attacking players may only enter the shaded areas by dribbling the ball past the cone line or having the ball played into the area. If the ball is played out of the shaded area, attackers must retreat back to the middle zone.

Coaching Points

Attacking players look to time runs into the shaded area. Once ball is in the shaded area, look for a 2nd attacker to join. Defenders must be aware of balls played behind them and be prepared for recovery runs.


Adjust size of shaded areas and middle zone based on players. Modify for numbers (3v2, 5v3). Look for different pass trajectories (over the top, on the ground, diagonal).