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4 cone + flag sequence

This activity is great for developing a player’s ability to take on and get behind a defender. Players go through the grid and try to “fake out” the pole. Use of proper body position and foot surface is important for the success of the activity. A good progression is to substitute a “conditioned” defender for the pole – for example, the defender can only take one step.


4 cones in an appropriately sized grid with a pole/flag in the middle. Players enter the grid in pairs and attempt to take on the pole “1v1”. Use body to shield and beat the pole.

Coaching Points

Players should move in pairs. Look for explosive acceleration under control while keeping the ball within the grid. Emphasize proper use of foot surfaces, shielding.


Start with simple carrying the ball around the cone, advance to feints to beat the pole. Go both right and left around the pole.