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3 zone rondo

Here is a game to emphasize movement through thirds of the field, possession, and timing to runs. Progressions create more success and provide additional choices for players.


3 zones with teams 3v1 in the outside zones and 1v1 in the central zone. Play proceeds in end zone with players trying to play to central zone teammate. Her objective is to play it to her teammate in the forward zone – for 1 point. If opposite team recovers, they try to combine with their central player.

Coaching Points

10 must time her run to coincide with opportunities to receive the ball. If she can turn immediately, she must do so. If there is forward pressure, she should play back to her supporting teammates – either give and go, or looking for another opportunity to receive. The forward must time her run to show for the ball and hold off defenders.


Allow a supporting teammate to come forward to the middle zone when 10 receives the ball – they can combine to go forward. If 9 receives the ball, another teammate can go in the attacking zone – getting 1 pt for each pass. When defenders take possession, players who have gone forward must return to their zones. Adjust numbers based on success. Add neutral players in wide channel who can move with the ball up and down. Implement touch restrictions for the 3v1.