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This is a fun game to get everyone involved in creating scoring opportunities. It is important to encourage players to look for chances to shoot in creating body shapes and a desire to take a first touch toward the target. Look for GKs to quickly create counters when they receive the ball – either from a teammate’s pass or from a save.


Two teams play in a space with a dividing line. On each side of the dividing line there are 3 defenders + GK vs 1 attacker. Players may not cross the line. Ideally, the line is within the player’s shooting range. Adjust numbers based on players’ success (add 2nd forward, additional defenders).

Coaching Points

Players behind line (4/5/6) are looking for combinations to create shooting opportunities. 9 is looking to pressure, win ball, and either shoot, or play back. Players should always be looking to shoot on second touch – staying open to field.


Limit touches. Set time/pass limit. Allow attacking team to swap players back/front as long as numbers are consistent (4/5/6 can swap with 9).