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6v4 building from the back

This small-sided game can be used with back line players to promote composure and the tactical objective of using width to advance the ball. The field is divided into channels with players initially constrained to those channels. An opposing team is looking to press and score. As the team progresses, channel restrictions can be removed.


Red team is playing to wide goals, blue team to center goal. Players A and B are required to stay in the wide channels and may be joined by other red players. Red goals are only allowed if scored from the wide channel. We are looking to coach the red team to possess and switch the point of attack in order to exit their half of the field. The blue team is pressing and looking to quickly score, if possible.

Coaching Points

Players A and B should be working to be available for a pass from one of the central players. Red is “numbers up” in the center channel (4v2), if a blue player moves central, then the corresponding red wide player should be open. In possession, the wide players should be looking to carry forward. If challenged, switching back through the middle should be an option.


Restrict numbers of touches for wide players, needing central players to combine to move forward. Remove scoring restriction for red (they can score from central channel). Remove channel restrictions from A and B.