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Creating a virtual learning environment

For my Ohio University COED 6180 class, I was required to create a “virtual learning environment” (VLE). The intent is to have an online meeting place for players and/or coaches to instruct, share information, provide tips and guidance. A primary focus is use of video based tools to engage learners.

Given my computer science background, I took the project with gusto. I have been wanting to do something like this for a couple of years, and this provided the opportunity to create and integrate technology for enhancing my coaching career. I began with WordPress and my self-hosted site ( and pulled in a variety of plug-ins to flesh out the framework.

In addition to building a VLE, we were asked to critique those built by our classmates. To simplify their task (and the professor’s), I put together a video describing my VLE. I’ve placed the video below, for posterity. A challenge will be to develop more and better content, and to keep the toolbase up-to-date.