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Inside out game

This is a game that I play with all age groups. The graphic show using two goals but poles or flags will work fine as goals. A challenge is to find the correct distance between the two goals based on the age group. For younger teams, I will allow them to play/run through the middle zone – with older teams, I will put the restriction in. This can be an excellent game for fitness. Make sure there is enough room on either end of the goals for play to take place.


Two goals facing “outward” with a coned off area between the two goals. Each team is trying to score in one goal. Goals only count if scored from the outside in. Players are not allowed in the center area.

Coaching Points

Look to quickly counter when winning the ball. Try to spread out and create triangles. Quickly support the attack and look to defend when we lost the ball


Allow any goals to start. Change to allow goals only if all players from the team are past the goals (no hanging back).