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3v2 to 2v1

This is a great game to create defensive challenges and a counterattacking mindset. Once the group of 3 takes a shot, the shooter must immediately defend.


On a small-sided field with goals teams of 3 players (blue) go against teams of 2 players (red). All 3 red players must be over the halfline to shoot. When the red team puts a shot over the endline, the blue defenders immediately attacks the shooter (ball from next players in line). They must all be over the half line to shoot. Once the red team shoots (ball over end line), 3 new blue and 2 new red restart.

Coaching Points

Players should be looking to aggressively take shots early. Supporting players must quickly move forward. Runs should be open to field to allow for quick shots. On change of possession, quick counter attacks to take advantage of confusion.


Limit touch count, shooting clock.