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5v5 2 end goals + 2 midfield goals

This game is designed to give players several scoring options. If the opponent is covering one goal, the player on the ball can choose to switch the point of attack. Teammates off the ball should look for supporting positions that allow them to receive the ball, score quickly, and look for the next target.


Organize into two teams. Field has one futsal-sized goal at each end. At midfield on the wings are a pair of “pole” goals. Teams are awarded 2 points for scoring in the futsal goals and 1 point for playing the ball through the pole goals (in either direction). An additional point is awarded if the player “passes” the ball through the poles to a teammate (a completed pass).

Coaching Points

Try to pick up your head to find teammates and opponents. If one pole is marked, change direction and go to the other. Points are scored in both directions on the pole goal – it is OK to pass back toward your own goal. When you received the ball, have an idea where you want to go. When off the ball, try to find positions where you teammate can pass to you.


When a team scores in one goal, teams switch directions and play immediately.