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Through the legs

This is a fun warmup game with players trying to nutmeg teammates using the push-pass technique. When a player is nutmegged, she immediately goes to retrieve the ball to look for another teammate to nutmeg.


Divide into two groups – players with balls and players without balls. Players without balls stand with legs open. Players with ball try to pass through legs. If a player passes through another player’s legs, the passer must freeze and open her legs while the unfrozen player retrieves the ball and finds another frozen player.

Coaching Points

Use instep, keep ball down. Once ball is played through our legs, quickly turn to retrieve ball – take your first touch back toward a frozen target player.


Integrate motor skills movements – for example, when unfrozen, player must perform a summersault before retrieving ball. Add a timer – whoever is not frozen when the timer expires must do a silly fitness (for example, donkey kicks with noise or sizzling bacon).