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3v5+4 zone-14 game

This is good activity to develop awareness of combinations and support for the midfield triangle versus 5 defenders. When the 5 win the ball, they try to make the space large and keep away from the 3.


A team of 3 (red) with 4 supporting players is trying to possess against a team of 5 (blue). The blue players are required to stay inside the grid whereas the red players can use their outside supporting teammates as receivers and distributors.

Coaching Points

The red team is looking for quick combinations of play, 3rd man runs, limited touches, and quick movement of the ball to keep away from blue. The blue team, on possession, is looking to enlarge the spaces and force the red team to create gaps for splits. Out of possession, the blue team is trying to take away options from red, double team, and try to win the ball quickly.


Adjust touch count limits for inside and outside. When ball is played outside, passer and receiver switch (receiver into the grid, passer to the outside).