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5v5+2 line game

This is a good game to promote development of the central midfield players in transition and to work with teams on purpose-oriented possession in numbers-up situations.


Teams play in a 50×40 yd grid – 5v5 with 2 central neutrals. Teams get 1 pt for stopping the ball on the end line – neutrals are not allowed to score. Players are initially restricted to 3-touch max. Duration is 4 x 5 mins with 2 min rest.

Coaching Points

In possession, attackers should look to combine with neutrals to create overloads. Consider using a deep supporting player to quickly change point-of-attack. Diagonal attacking runs to create spaces for late runs.
On loss of possession, immediately pressure to regain. In the defensive role, use side line as defender, attempt to force play backward and toward supporting teammates. Communication in 2nd defender role.


Adjust touch limits for neutral players. Allow space behind end lines as a “free zone” for attacking team. Depending on ability level, allow players to dribble over the line for a point in addition to (or instead of) stopping on the line.