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2+5v3+3 zone-14 rondo

This is a variation of a zone-14 rondo – in this case, to develop the central midfield players in a 3-4-3 when playing against a 4-3-3 or similar system.


Teams play 2v3 in central grid with supporting players on outside. Blue scores 1 pt for each pass to 9 from 6/8/10. Red/Blue score 1 pt for 5 passes in a row, 1 pt for passes to 7/9/11 from 4/10.

Coaching Points

Red – must try to control 6/8/10, 5 must communicate with 4 and 10 on positioning. In possession, look to simplify game with quick passes in and out of 4/10


Limit touch count. Require a pass to target within 10 passes total. Allow “attacking players” on either team to go to goal when receiving the ball (1 pt per goal), with one of the midfielders to support in the “final third”.