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6v6+3 2 goals

This game is intended as functional training for a midfield triangle. When working with my team, the midfield at times is disconnected or flat. This game encourages communication (verbal and non-verbal) among the players. The use of touch limitations is intended to promote open body angles and simple decisions.


Teams play 6v6 (with GKs). 3 neutral players represent the midfield triangle of a 4-3-3 formation. Upon gaining possession, the attacking team must play through one of the midfield players in order to score. The dark blue lines are offside lines – attackers cannot enter prior to the ball.

Coaching Points

Midfield players should be providing supporting angles to the player with the ball. During movement of the ball, the midfield players should be checking each other’s position in order to provide balanced shape (ideally a triangle).


Allow for free flowing play to find a rhythm. Require 2 touches from midfield, 3 touches from other players. Allow neutrals to score once a flow has been established.