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6v6+2 rondo

A simple keep-away rondo with a consequence of fitness on loss-of-possession. Moving outside and back inside the grid requires the player to determine how to step into a new role based on a visual analysis of the situation. The coaching progression of a mandatory touch count (requiring a minimum number of touches BEFORE passing) requires the 1st attacker to think and act quickly on receiving the ball.


Teams compete 6v6+2 in a 40×30 yd grid. On loss of possession, player who gives up ball must go outside grid and do 5 situps/burpees/pushups. Score 1 pt for each attacking team when they connect 10 passes in a row.

Coaching Points

Attacking team – look to combine quickly and switch point of attack. Look to avoid pressure and play to wide options around the defending team. Check through the middle in order to provide central options.
Defending team – try to isolate attackers and quickly prevent splits. Use side/touch lines as additional defender.
Neutrals – look to be available early.
Communication from 2nd defenders to 1st defender on when to press and when to delay.


Limit touch count. Require mandatory touch count.