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5v1,1v5 half-line shooting game

The half-field game is design to encourage longer-range shooting efforts with a limited amount of active pressure. Two full-sized goals are used with goalkeepers and the field is divided in half such that the players should have some success in shooting on goal from 5-10 yards beyond the line. For example, with my varsity high school girls teams, I have set the half-line 15 yards from goal. The presence of one active defender in the attackers’ field forces time pressure. The game can be modified to allow the defender to score if she recovers the ball, a different number of defenders (2 or more), limits on touches, and potential rotation of the defending player(s) in the run of play.


Field is 30 yds long, 50 yds wide (age appropriate) divided into two halves. Select the size such that a player on one half of the field can score without going over the line.

Teams are 4v1 in their own half – only 1 player from the defending team can be in their attacking half. All goals must be scored from behind the line. If the 1 defender wins the ball in the attacking half, it must be played back to the 4 teammates who can score.

Coaching Points

Look to create scoring opportunities by finding open players. Before receiving the ball, decide whether you will shoot – take an aggressive 1st touch to make shot on 2nd touch. If blocked, look for another teammate who can immediately shoot. Be willing to cycle the ball back through the GK to switch point of attack.


Limit touches. Limit number of passes before a shot must be taken. Allow defender in attacking zone to score on turnovers. Adjust number of attackers and defenders to improve quality and/or challenge.