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5v5 2 halves 6 goals

This activity is designed to promote decision making, switching point-of-attack both laterally and to deeper supporting players. The use of goals with different point values requires players to determine risk/reward – go for the simpler goal on the wing or get double points through the middle. The rule requiring players to stay behind a line when the ball is in the front half of the field creates support off the ball. Coaching the back players to maintain angles where they can receive the ball – rather than standing and waiting – is desirable behavior in the real game.


Field is organized into 2 halves with 3 gates/cone goals in each half. The objective is for the attacking team to dribble through one of the three cone goals. The center goal is 2 pts, the outside goals are 1 pt. The attacking team must have at least 2 players in their defensive zone at all times.

Coaching Points

Look up to determine the best attacking option. Be willing to possess and cycle the ball. Move up to support the attack, particularly from the “weak” side.


Limit touch count. Limit number of times ball can cross half-line in possession.