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Team training philosophy

This essay is taken from the UC Premier curriculum courses (all levels).

The foundation of our player development model is IC3:

  • Intelligence
  • Competence
  • Courage
  • Character

Although soccer is a team sport, our model is ”Team development through player development”.

Soccer is a player’s game. We want our training environment to be player-centered (not coach-centered).

We are presenting a learning environment for the players:

  • Coach as “teacher”, players as “students”, field as “classroom”
  • Coach develops and executes lessons (practices) based on curriculum
  • Games provide an opportunity to “test” players
No laps, no lines, no lectures
  • Do not send players off to do laps as a means of punishment
  • If the group of players is “not listening”, it is likely that they are bored
  • Deal with individual problems individually
  • Make sure you have enough soccer balls to keep everyone engaged in activities
  • Avoid lines of players during an activity to the greatest extent possible
  • Be very efficient in communication – players have limited attention span and simply want to play