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Overview of 205 game template


In a previous article, we introduced the 205 practice plan template. The template uses an Excel spreadsheet to break down the components of a practice session and can be folded to allow the coach to bring the session plan onto the field.

In this article, we describe the 205 game template. The game template is based on the practice plan template – using Excel and foldable – but it incorporates sections designed to help the coach organize thoughts during pre-game, halftime, post-game, and within the game itself.


PDF blank template
Excel workbook


The opponent, date/time, and any themes are noted in the upper-left.


The pre-game activities (and optionally times) are located in the upper-right.


The lineup and potential rotation notes are center-left.


Coaching points for moments of the game go on the center-right.


Notes for each half – opposition system of play, key players and positions, tactics, and any notes go on the bottom third.


I typically take my notes home later to help reflect on the match and guide that week’s training sessions.

Bringing it to the field

The game template folds up in the exact same manner as the practice plan template (click here, scroll down to “Bringing the plan to the field”).

In summary:

  • Trim the bottom using a paper cutter.
  • Fold horizontally in thirds along the grey lines.
  • Fold vertically in half along the grey line.