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Shaping the Game series

The Shaping the Game series of TacticalPad videos and session activities is based on the UEFA C coursework presented by the Scottish FA offered through the United Soccer Coaches Master Coach diploma program.

The premise in Shaping the Game is to develop common tactical understandings within a block of players in a 4-3-3 in either the attacking or defending role.

  • Back 4 attacking
  • Back 4 defending
  • Midfield 3 attacking
  • Midfield 3 defending
  • Front 3 attacking
  • Front 3 defending

The “rules” of the activity include:

  • Exactly 16 players divided between the 2 teams
  • Players may be adjusted between sides of the field in order to create the appropriate scenario
  • Players must be in relevant positions for the scenario
  • The key player(s) in a scenario must be in the assigned block
  • The activity is based in a segment of the field which is appropriate for the scenario, including goal(s)

Each activity includes two elements:

  1. The premise of the scenario (for example, left back plays to left forward)
  2. A “what if” possibility – in short, an action if the original option is unavailable (“bridged”)

The following two videos demonstrate both an option and a bridged alternative.

UEFA C candidates are required to execute their assigned topics on the field during assessment beginning with a “free play” phase and then working into coaching points that utilize the scenario and bridged options.