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Introduction 1

Introduction 1

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A – initially 4v2, 2/3 may move into B
B – at most 1 defender C – offside line, defenders may not drop into this space before ball entry
Attacking team must play through one of the B boxes before entering final third


2nd defender may enter B box once ball is played in


7/11 – anticipate entry pass, check away then dismark
2/6 and 3/8 – look to enter and combine, forming 2v1 or 3v1 numbers
Look for opportunities to enter final third through the B box – wall pass, spinning off defender and carrying forward
9 – consider blind side diagonal run to corner if ball played into space from B box
6/8 – try to receive open body shape, look for pockets of space, find wide players
Defending team in possession – 5 seconds to score