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Introduction 3

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Introduction 3

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Activity starts with goal kick – only one defender can be in the wide channel prior to the ball
One of opponent 4/5 enters after 2nd pass, then other enters on 4th pass
Defenders – go to goal in possession


Opponents 4/5 enter on 1st pass, or start immediately in grid
Remove one or both mannequins, replace with opponents 6 and 8


On pass to 2/3, wing forwards and 6 and nearest center back form a rondo (3v1, 4v1, or 4v2) in order to create numerical superiority
Wing forwards (7/11) prepare to come inside to support when 6 has possession
6 – continually scan (check shoulder), look to turn forward when possible, use 4/5 when back pressure
4/5 – look to switch to opposite side, work off each other, make sure there is coverage for counters