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Introduction 1

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Introduction 1

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Blue 7/9/11 and Red 4/5 locked to zone
Game starts with Blue – 5 passes to enter final third, on turnover
Red can score in any of 3 goals, Red 2/3 may come forward to support, Red 6/8 may support defenders
If Blue does not enter in 5 passes, ball played to Red GK


Blue 2/3 may enter when ball crosses midfield


Red midfielders (6/8/10) – move to spaces to receive progressive pass, adjust body shape, scan prior to receive – 2nd attacker take supporting position to receive if 1st attacker is marked and cannot turn
Red fullbacks (2/3) – on ball played out of defending third, push forward up wing, look to receive and combine in attack
Blue – attempt to delay and isolate ball, force ball back if possible, communicate and make play predictable