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Ball skills



Toe touches - stationary, forward, backward

Side-to-side touches (bells, penguins)

Scissor move in-place

Sole (bottom of foot) variations

Sole rolls - side-to-side, bouncing
Sole roll, switch feet
Sole roll, side-to-side, switch feet
Sole roll, outside-inside
Forward cross-body roll
Forward and backward, single foot
Forward and backward, both feet
Drag roll with stop

Dribbling, carrying the ball

Laces fundamentals, switching feet
Dribbling inside of the foot
Dribbling outside of the foot
Use of cones as a challenge
Running with speed



Dribbling, feints and moves

Fake shot and cut
Shoulder feint
Scissor move
Double scissors
Step over reverse - inside
Step over + reverse - outside
Step over
Double stepover (stepover + scissors)
Stop/start move
Single cut
Double cut
Side step
Double side-step
Pull back (drag back)
3 touch drag back
V pull back
Xavi turn - inside
Xavi turn - outside
Stanley Matthews version 1
Stanley Matthews version 2 (double tap, stepover, outside cut)
Stop turn
Hook turn
Inside cut turn
Outside cut turn
Ronaldo chop
Maradona move

Thanks to Mike Randhawa for the links to many of these activities.