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Mobilization tools

Many of the activities in soccer put strains on the muscle tissues. The warmup and cooldown routines are designed to prevent injuries and aid in movement.

Players often find that the use of mobilization tools assists in regaining movement restrictions caused by intense physical activity. Some common tools are listed below.

Players should experiment on their own to determine what tools might be most effective for them.

Lacrosse ball$Lacrosse balls are a low cost tool which belongs in every players bag. Lacrosse balls can be used individually and taped into pairs. Excellent for pressure on tender spots.
blank"The Stick"$$-$$$Sticks come in various sizes and can be used to “roll” out knots in muscles. The stick consists of PVC pipe with individual rollers.
blankBeastie balls$$The Beastie Ball is designed to dig deeply into muscle and tissue. There are 2 firmness levels.
blankFoam roller$Foam rollers come in different lengths and firmness levels. A 6” x 12” size is ideal for carrying in a warmup bag for use at practice. The ideal foam roller is designed for “moderate to heavy usage”.
blankTrigger point GRID roller$$-$$$The GRID roller has a layer of foam surrounding by firm PVC. The foam is dense and is patterned to provide various width and density.
blankStretch Out Strap$-$$The Stretch Out Strap is a nylon band with hand and foot holds for stretching.
blankResistance bands$$Resistance bands come in various lengths and resistances. The 41” length is recommended. Of the various amounts of resistance, the Green (1.75” width, 50-120 lb) and Purple (1.125”, 40-80 lb) are probably the most effective.
blankFabric lower body resistance bands$-$$These bands can be used for working glutes, hamstrings, IT band.
blankPVC pipe$A PVC pipe can be used to mobilize and also as prep for various lifts (deadlift, squat, etc).

Given all the choices, here are some recommendations.

For lowest cost option:

  • Lacrosse balls, mini foam roller, PVC pipe

Given more money to spend, the following is suggested:

  1. Add a Stick
  2. Add GRID roller (can replace foam roller, if cost is an issue)
  3. Add Rumble roller (can replace one of the other rollers, if cost is an issue)
  4. Add lower body resistance band
  5. Add resistance band
  6. Add Stretch Out Strap