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Player education

205 Academy offers several options for on-field player development programs.

Small-group training

Individualized small-group training programs (4-8 players) can be customized around the needs and objectives of the players. Please contact the Director of Coaching to discuss small-group training in more detail.

Training courses

Our training courses are designed to provide age-appropriate development content for players at a variety of experience levels. Courses are organized based on ability. Each course provides support for the four dimensions of player development – physical, psychosocial, technical, and tactical.

Each course is limited in enrollment in order to provide an ideal experience for each student. All courses are delivered by the Director of Coaching.

In addition to the on-field activities, upon completion of the course each player is provided with a summary of the week’s activities and a personalized evaluation of strengths and areas for improvement.

Courses may be delivered in a “camp format” (multiple sessions scheduled sequentially within a week) or in a “serial format” (sessions scheduled on a weekly basis over several weeks). Course schedules are continually updated – please check the Educational Schedules page for frequent updates to our training course schedules

The list below contains our current course offerings:

  • Zone 1a – Beginner (Under-5 to Under-7)
  • Zone 1b – Beginner (Under-8 to Under-10)
  • Zone 1b – Advanced (Under-8 to Under-10)
  • Zone 1c- Beginner (Under-11 to Under-13)
  • Zone 1c – Advanced (Under-11 to Under-13)

Please contact the Director of Coaching for more detail on our training programs.