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Remote training equipment

Soccer ballFoam ball, beach ball, tennis ballA soccer ball is pretty much necessary to do remote training. Having some balls of other sizes can help
ConesCans, rolled up towels, pillowsPretty much any small object that doesn't move will work
DumbbellsCans, bottles of water, resistance bandHaving something that can be used as resistance is helpful
"Kick wall"Bench, old table laid on its sideSomething that the player can kick a ball against - NOT a garage door
Towel and smooth surfaceHelpful for doing some mobility work
Wooden boxStairs, old couchSomething that can be used to step up and down
5 foot PVC pipeBroom handleHelpful for shoulder mobility, balance activities
SpaceLess spaceBest case would be open space - a backyard or park area - otherwise, garage or indoors