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United Soccer Coaches tactical quiz series

The idea behind the United Soccer Coaches (@UnitedCoaches) tactical quiz series came from a series of conversations with Ian Barker (@IBarkerSoccer) during late 2021. Ian has consistently supported 205 content, especially the @TacticalPad videos. As an ongoing consumer of USC coaching education, I’ve had many interactions with Ian, most recently through the Master Coach diploma.

Ian suggested the possibility of utilizing USC quizzes as a source of material for a TacticalPad series. The quizzes are complimentary to the Shaping the Game (StG) series that we have been publishing as an outgrowth of the requirements of the Scottish FA (@ScottishFA) UEFA C course.

The USC quizzes are presented as a tactical picture with a problem and a collection of possible solutions. Here is an example:

The use of video presents a method of dynamic engagement with the learner. Here is how this example is rendered using TacticalPad and visual editing tools:

The quizzes can become the starting point of a conversation. Although a quiz may target the actions of an individual player, the game consists of the coordinated actions of the team. Each player’s decisions are dependent on teammates’ actions, responses of the opponents, and awareness of the situation and environment. In that there are “better” answers and “less better” answers, the choices reflect the tactics and style of play developed through the training environment. In the spirit of StG, a coach may ask teammates what they would do if the target player selects a specific choice/action and the response if the opponents “close off” a choice.

USC has graciously provided a library of tactical quizzes for 205 to develop videos. We will be publishing videos from this library over the coming months.