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Week of Sep 05 2023
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Week of Sep 05 2023

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Session plan


This session contains some classic activities for possession, off-ball movement, pereception, and decision making. In the 3v1, encourage the 3rd player to recognize when/where to make their movement in support of the ball. In the 4v4+4 positional play, coach both defenders and attackers. With the central 2 players, look for them to take positions in pockets of space between the 4. Consider a touch restriction on the outside players (2 or 3 touch) to promote quick movements of the ball. Score points for end-to-end passes. In the 6v6, the unusual shape with the field narrowing toward the goals will require players to consider how to use wide spaces and when to be direct. In order to prevent defenders from sitting in front of goal, a scoring system that includes consecutive passes as 1 point and a goal as 3 points will force opponents to step out and challenge the ball.


4v4+4 - 8v4

6v6 diamond grid