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Week of Apr 4 2022
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Week of Apr 4 2022

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Session plan


This session is intended to develop a midfield-3 within the framework of the game (7v7, 9v9, or 11v11). The hook turn is a good skill to use to turn away from pressure - consider putting the players in a small space and playing a keep away game to encourage use of the technique. The 1v1 flying changes game is intended to encourage the use of body feints and quick movements to create the space/time to make a line breaking pass. If successful, the player must immediately enter a defensive mode - pressure, deny, and attempt to win the ball back. The 3v1 rondo is designed to encourage an understanding of playing out of pressure on gaining possession. In the 4v4 game, the "floater" could be a defensive midfielder who is showing to receive and supporting in a defensive role. Attempt to progress to having a "floating floater" - the assignment of the floater is fluid but other players must "cover" the grids. The positional play activity and 6v6+3 should work the connections between the midfielders - look for their shapes and scanning to determine each other's locations - versus ball chasing. Encourage verbal communication from the "deepest" midfielder.

Hook turn

1v1 flying changes

3v1 double grid, switch on change of possession

4v4 quarter-half w floater


4v3+2 -6v3 positional play

6v6+3 3 zones