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Week of Apr 11 2022
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Week of Apr 11 2022

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Session plan /">


This session focuses on activities from changing the point of attack from one side to the other. The V pull back is a good move to shift a player in one direction, creating time and space to move the ball in the opposite direction. The neutral player in the 2v2+1 should be looking to move the ball around, recognizing time and space off the ball. The River game is a classic for possession and changing point of attack. The 6v6 with auxiliary goals is intended to reward switches through the wings. If the defending team does not engage, these opportunities will result in more points for the attackers. When the defenders do come out to engage, this should open spaces for direct play to goal.

V pull-back

1v1 turn and face 4 goals


2v2+1 - 3v2

5v2 side by side, the river

6v6 wide channel aux goals