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Week of Aug 01 2022
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Week of Aug 01 2022

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Session plan


This session is in 2 parts - a more physically demanding part shifting to a tactically oriented session. Ensure that the players have a full warmup before proceeding to the sprints - include quad, hamstring, glute, and calf movements. Rather than a standing start, consider a jogging (movement-in-place) start. Give the players a rest break before moving onto the ball work. The 2v2+2 activities should have a high tempo. In the small-sided game, look for quick transitions when players switch directions and neutrals come in. In the positional play game, look for penetrating passes and movement from the outside players. The 6v6 with offside will demand creativity, timing, and spatial awareness in order to break through to the final third.

Hook turn


6v3+2 - 8v3