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Week of Aug 29 2022
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Week of Aug 29 2022

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Session plan


This session focuses on individual and group defending. Use the warm-up to encourage the use of proper technique and mental focus. In the 9-2-9, note the role of the "defending" players in the pattern - their approach to the ball, body shape and angles. The 2v2+2+2 is typically an attacker's activity - use the opportunity to work on communication, pressure/cover, recognizing third-man movements, preventing turns. In the 4v3+1, encourage a quick press when possession is lost to the central-3 players, then a backpedal to regain position when the ball is recovered. In the 4v4 line game, consider requiring players to stop on the line rather than simply dribbling through. This rule change requires the attackers to decelerate under control which can provide positive moments for the defending team to attempt to pressure the ball.

Cruyff turn

Dribbling 9-2-2

1v1 turn and face 4 goals

2v2+2+2 concentric


4v4 line game