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Week of Aug 22 2022
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Week of Aug 22 2022

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Session plan


This session is intended to develop comfort in building from the back. The objective in this game situation is to get the ball in possession and the team into the middle third. The passing activity provides one possible solution - playing to a higher wide target player, dropping back to the defensive mid, out wide to a fullback pushing forward, then to a target forward. The double grid rondo is designed to promote movement of the team between areas of the field. The back-to-middle positional game focuses on the movement of the ball between back and middle and the roles of the central midfielder and outside players. The 6v6+2+2 game uses the goalkeeper as a supporting option in the back and challenges the players to operate in a congested middle zone with support from wide players.

Stop/start move

Pattern 5-7-6-2-9

4v2 double grid transition

5v2 back to 6v4 middle

6v6+2+2 3 zones, 4 goals, no-fly