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Week of Jan 17 2022
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Week of Jan 17 2022

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Session plan


This session develops the use of supporting players to create numbers-up situations. In the 4v2, look for the movement of the off-ball players to provide opportunities to receive and their body shape to allow for movement of the ball away from pressure. Vision/scanning are key. In the 4v3+2, the 2 central players should be reading each other's movements in order to provide a "3rd man" option in the midfield when the ball is played outside. In the 6v6, try to progress to having the outside players move into the grid (with the nearest inside player moving outside) when receiving the ball. This demands that the outside players stay connected with the game rather than standing around waiting for a pass.

V pull-back

1v1 flying changes



6v6 3 channels, 4 wide players