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Week of Jan 24 2022
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Week of Jan 24 2022

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Session plan


It might make sense to break the activities in this session across two separate dates. Our objective is to break lines - combinations of passes and movements to get behind opponents. In the initial 1v1, players are engaging at offset angles. The defender must quickly get goal side to prevent an early shot and finish. The ball carrier should look for a quick movement - feint, cut, etc - to open up space for the penetrating pass/shot. In the 3v1 double grid rondo, look for quick movement of the ball to the teammates away from pressure when the ball is recovered by the defender. The 2v6+3+3 zone-14 positional play and the 8v8 small-sided games are both activities designed to create opportunities to beat groups of players. Try to advance the zone-14 activity to go to goal once players demonstrate possession and intention.

Hot steppers

 7 gates

1v1 to side goals offset

3v1 double grid, switch on change of possession

2+6v3+3 zone-14

8v8 2 zone game