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Week of Jul 11 2022
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Week of Jul 11 2022

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Session plan


This session involves a variety of small sided game activities. The positional play activity is designed as an extension of the warm-up period - low-to-medium workrate, getting the players in a larger space, and working on movements in and out. The small-sided games (SSGs) will provide an increase in workload. Both the 2v2+2 and the 3v3 games will involve some rest as players are outside the grid either acting as neutrals or preparing to reenter the game. Utilize the 6v6 to work on tactics in the middle of field and to integrate wide play - a possible progression involves the outside players moving in-field when they receive a pass. Removing restrictions and zones will create a session-ending scrimmage.

This session includes additional physical development activities - sprint training and post-session mobility. It's important for players to have a proper cooldown - our session plans will explicitly include this activity going forward.

Xavi turn - outside

4v3+2 - 6v3 positional play

2v2+2 switch teams, diagonal

3v3 flying changes cone goals

6v6 3 channels, 4 wide players