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Week of Jul 04 2022
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Week of Jul 04 2022

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Session plan


This session is focused on transitions and immediate counterpressing. Teams are most vulnerable during the disorganization between possession - the activities in this session encourage these moments. Working with players in both roles - encourages conscious and timely actions in these situations. When we lose the ball, our first thought should be "how can I quickly win the ball back." If that is not possible, then pressuring the opponent, delaying to allow our team to organize, and forcing the ball away from our goal can be the next actions. When we win the ball, we should be looking to immediately beat the facing opponents and lines, if possible, penetrate and look for goal scoring opportunities.

Xavi turn - inside

1v1 flying changes


3v3 flying changes - cones

4v4+4 end line, rotate on scoring

2v2 flying changes - goals