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Week of May 23 2022
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Week of May 23 2022

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Session plan


The intent in this session is to develop awareness during transitions and to encourage pressing on loss of possession. In the reactive drill and clock passing, encourage players to make quick movements in response to the actions of teammates and opponents. The 1v1 7 gates game is a high-intensity activity - consider a 1:1 work-to-rest ratio with bouts of 30-45 seconds. Rotate players after each pair has had a turn. In the 2v2+2, look for the movements of the 2nd player (attacker/defender) in the grid - are they ball-watching or putting in a good effort. In the 4v3+1, the coaching point is on the willingness to press of the player who loses the ball on the outside and the efforts to delay for help of the interior player. On the 4v4+4, push the players to quick attack the opposite goal on a score rather than casually getting the ball and waiting for the new defenders to organize.