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Week of May 9 2022
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Week of May 9 2022

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Session plan


The intent of this session is to identify opportunities to play through opposition lines and create scoring chances. In the 1v1+2 game, look for give-and-go's from the attacker and combinations as teammates join from the corners. The 4v4 game involves a narrow pitch, encourage players to use the entire length of the pitch - often, players will assume an offside line and make the space too compact. In the positional play (7v8) activity, players are encouraged to find gaps and play through lines of players. Adjust the activity based on squad size - if there are fewer than 15, adjust the spaces and numbers as appropriate. In the zonal game, each team has a hard offside line which they must penetrate in order to score. Players can dribble over the line or play through balls to teammates moving into the space.