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Week of Apr 25 2022
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Week of Apr 25 2022

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Session plan


This session includes several small-sided game activities for crossing and finishing. In the technical session (scissor, double scissor), encourage the use of the move to off-balance the defender and create an opportunity to play to a target in the space behind. The 1v1 flying changes game should be a good opportunity to use the technique. The 3v3+2 game is an extension of the 1v1 game with the neutral players providing an option to combine and find "shots" behind the opponent. In the 4v4+4+4 penalty area game, encourage players to quickly find and take their shot rather than looking for a "perfect" shot. Use the 6-yard box as a no-fly zone to protect the goalkeeper. The 7v7 game is intended to promote the use of wide spaces to open the opponents and provide crossing opportunities.


Double scissor