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Week of Feb 14 2022
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Week of Feb 14 2022

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Session plan


The focal point in this session is moments of transition for in and out of possession. When gaining possession, we look to see if we can immediately create a goal scoring opportunity. If not, we will try to secure possession, identifying areas of space and pressure. When losing possession, we want to try to immediately pressure and regain. If unable to recover the ball, we want to control, isolate, and create an opportunity to win the ball back. In the 1v1 flying changes game, the player "winning" the bout should immediately cut off any pass by the receiving player to beat their line - then try to engage and tackle the ball. A 2v2 or 3v3 flying changes game will add complexity and more game realism. The 4v1 rondo prioritizes collaboration in moving from one space to another - expansion and movement of the ball. The 4v3+1 positional play requires the outside player that loses the ball  to immediately step in and join their teammate in a 2v3 to regain the ball. Finally, the 4v4+4 activity is intended to create opportunities for quick counters and counterpleas situations.

Stanley Matthews v1

Clock passing warmup

1v1 flying changes

4v1 double grid with migration


4v4+4 end line switch on goals