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Week of Feb 21 2022
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Week of Feb 21 2022

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Session plan


This session has a focus on using small-sided games (SSGs) as a training tool. In a weekly schedule, this might be the 2nd (or 3rd) practice in combination with other sessions that have a technical or specific tactical focus.  SSGs provide a method for developing on-ball and off-ball techniques and ideas in a focused setting. Be aware of the work/rest times and ratios for your players - working on 3v3s and 4v4s will require a high amount of energy and it will be important to monitor fatigue in order to ensure a consistently high work rate. The session should be planned for mid-week rather than the day (or two) before a match.

Maradona move

1v1 diagonal goals

4v1 expand and contract

3v3 back-to-back goals

4v4 narrow mini goals


4v4 goals T-shape