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Week of Feb 7 2022
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Week of Feb 7 2022

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Session plan


This session includes several activities that encourage running/moving with the ball. The stop/start move is an excellent skill to enable the players to off-balance defenders. The 1v1 7 gates game is a multi-directional activity that encourages players to use on-ball skills and scanning to beat defenders. In the 2v2+2+2 activity, we are requiring the central player to use a minimum of 3 touches. This will require the player to determine on receiving the ball how to play into space, potentially feint a defender, then pass if appropriate. The progression would be to have outside players switch with the central passer when receiving the ball - coming into the grid. The 3v3 game should create a lot of opportunities for players to engage on the ball. Finally, the 6v6+2 activity will force players to consider how to move on the ball and how to find supporting positions off the ball within the rules of the activity.

Stop/start move


1v1 7 gates


3v3 to mini-goals


6v6+2 forward dribble only