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Week of Feb 28 2022
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Week of Feb 28 2022

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Session plan


This session has a variety of elements and opportunities for coaching points. The passing pattern is intended to develop playing flighted balls to a target. The size of the spaces can be adjusted based on age, ability, and purpose. If the desire is to chip short-range balls, the grid size can be reduced - if it is to play longer balls, make it bigger. It's important to pay attention to the receiving touch - if in the air, use chest or other body surface to bring it down, avoid throwing a leg out.

In the 1v1 activity, try to advance to a 2v2 which creates more challenges for the player. The 4v4 triangle game is intended to develop the ability to shape passes and shots. It may be useful to precede with a demonstration and isolated passing activity to prepare. The 8v8 activity is a field-sized set of linked 1v1 games. I enjoy this game as provides competition, encourages personal responsibility in the defensive role, and rewards players who can run with the ball and who can win a 1v1 challenge. Make sure that each pair of players is evenly matched - a mismatch will result in the weaker player quickly getting discouraged.

V pull-back


1v1 to side goals offset

2v2+2+2 concentric

4v4 triangle goals

8v8 line game man mark